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Noise & Korea


Yes, I use the word f*ck more than often when angry…


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Moar kitties to come 🙂

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One thing is for sure, I LOVE Marimekko…and I also love the kind of interviews they give to their designers. I thought maybe it’s time for a little self-reflection and you getting to know me better – so here it is, me interviewing myself the Marimekko style!

My greatest fashion icon:
Pin-ups & Stella McCartney. Quite a schizophrenic choice, I know.

The best fashion advice anyone ever gave me:
Wear whatever you feel like wearing!

The most important thing to remember when decorating a room:
Keep it airy & fun. Which is seriously an opposite of MY ROOM that is cluttered with shit stuff, there’s way too much furniture on such a small space, too many colors and really an unnecessary amount of clothes all around the place. Sigh. This is why I am dreaming about an airy, light, uncluttered and quietly whimsical room… 🙂

I work best when:
I’ve slept well, woke up early and have no worries or anxieties about anything (which is rare). Also, when I’m inspired by something…duh.

My most important mentor:
My grandma, maybe.

The word that best describes my design philosophy:
I’m still working on creating one actually…so far it’s “keep it fun and clean” but in this stage of my personal development the word could be GREENHORN. ;P

My first memory of Marimekko:
Seeing a Marimekko fatboy in an interior design shop few years ago. I still want one!

The shape I’m most fascinated with right now:
Mushrooms. Fish. Snowflakes.

Three things I can’t live without right now:
Ayurvedic teas, my cozy bed & eh…Wobenzym. O_o

Three things I couldn’t live without when I was a teenager:
Black nail polish, Bravo Girl xD & my diary.

I relax by:
Reading, listening to ambient music, yoga & doodling.

If I were not working as a designer, I would be:
A vet, a biologist or maybe a horse* farm owner.

When I travel I always take:
A passport, curious mind and a bottle of water!

Sketch by hand or click on computer?
I prefer hand…the shape is more fluent that way and I feel more comfy doodling by hand.

The smell that reminds me of childhood:
Wet doggy fur of our Westie Glenn.

My favourite escape:
The forest. And travel books…I’m just reading one about a visit to Scandinavia, Scotland & Iceland. ^^

The colour that means comfort to me:
Warm green & creamy white.

The colour that means courage to me:
Red, black and dark blue.

Human ability to hurt & kill for no reason terrifies me.

A bouquet of colorful flowers and a handwritten note make a great gift to me. ^^

The best Sunday morning music:
Royksopp & Tori Amos.

My first job ever:
A stable cleaner & helper – this was an unpaid job. As for the paid one, it was a hostess job.


* I went horseriding yesterday after 7 years and I’m hooked again. OMG!!! You can expect many horsey doodles in the future… I’m going horseriding again on Nov 30th, maybe I’ll be even galloping this time…YEAH BABY.

Iceland horses with their happy riders in a beautifully snowy Finland. I'm envious!

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My scanner scans weirdly.

This is a photo of the doodle – here you can actually see the colors and more details….my scanner scans in a very high contrast and I don’t know how to change it FML. So – this is the real life version 🙂

And u can haz cute:


Click on all to enlarge.

And yes…I’m really missing WINTER. I want heaps of snow dammit… 🙂

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Click to enlarge.


A little class in mycology today…and there will be more (and more detailed, this was just a warm-up fungi sketch).
I love drawing fungi 😉 Ramaria obtusissima was drawn according to a real life fungus in front of me, the other fungi were drawn from a shroom book.

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I was supposed to be working on my Korean workbook, but I was doodling instead:

Click to enlarge.

For tomorrow I have some MUSHROOMS’ doodles prepared…if I can’t pick them, I can at least draw them, no? 😉 Maybe I’ll become a world-renowned mycological illustrator one day…but I still need a lots of practice AND A GOOD THIN GEL PEN GODDAMIT. 😉

Here’s a sneak peak…I might color them tomorrow.

This is not a coral, but a very weird BEIGE and/or YELLOW fungi.


Nao, good night & have nice elky dreams! 😉

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Yesterday I was doodling random faces instead of writing a presentation for the K-Pop class (but I did it in the end!)….and this is the result:

My fave girl is the nerdy one in the ugly sweater. Which one is yours? 🙂

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