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This is what I am about to discuss tomorrow with the BBDO creative director:

Poster....click to enlarge.

And this as well:

Email invitation...click to enlarge!

Plus the logo concept and my event ideas. This is an already wrapped up & finished client project of Mark BBDO SK, but the CD gave it to me as a test of my (in)ability to work in an ad agency under pressure and with stupid clients. Tomorrow I was invited to come and meet him at 10am and discuss my stuff (above) with him. *FAINTS*

GODDAMN OMFG WTF BBQ I AM SOO DAMN NERVOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!1!1!!

I feel like I am going to climb the trees around our block of flats, SRSLY!!!! Because, you know…in the beautiful case he likes the stuff…I MIGHT have the chance to dive into the insane world of advertising…which would be AWESOME. O_O And you know…hypothetically starting out in Mark BBDO would be such a great accomplishment, my ego will reach the stratosphere 😀 Srsly haha…

Please, whatever your religion is, PRAY FOR ME TOMORROW AT 10AM…kthxbai 🙂


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Sorry for the lack of posts, I was in Prague, then in Brno and now I am back here and working on the kitteh poster. I love all my vector kittehs…and now I have designed a lady kitteh and a gentlekitteh sharing a sweet moment! 😉

The lady kitteh is surely a feline fatale

I will show you the results of my work once it gets approved, published & etc., etc….so far you can see only glimpses and even those are print screens ftw.

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Teh May Goals

I’ve used to keep writing (and then forgetting) monthly goals but somehow I’ve stopped…it’s about time I get back to it. These are my goals/plans/wishes for May 2010!:

* Wake up early (8am at the latest) and do a yoga stretch.
Surya Namaskar
(Sun Salutation) 5x and I’m beautifully stretched & energized!

* Work persistently and fast on design tasks and projects.
No slacking around. No “fun first, work later”. UGH!

* Keep my room tidy and clean.
I am quite a tidy person, but I often have my table swamped with stuff and clothes all over my bed and it’s srsly unsightly. Plus it’s bad feng shui!

* Try to wear more stylish clothes.
I put all my ugly old cotton t-shirts I am tired of to a paper box and labeled it “t-shirts for free time” which basically means – for when I’m going to take a walk to the forest with my man & his dog. THERE I can look whatever. But with so many nice clothes it’s a crime to wear that shit out…plus I am just SO TIRED of them… @_@

* Work on MY style and MY fashion sense.
I feel that I am strongly influenced by my mother’s style and idea on fashion, which is basically “let it have a great cut, be comfortable, bland, stretchable and not too colorful”. And also, “no skirts & dresses please”. They are apparently not ENOUGH comfy? Anyhoo. Considering that I am myself and nobody else, I have to step out of this bland nonsense and wear more what *I* really feel is me. Which is mostly tailored skirts, colorful tops, dresses and my fav grey leopard print jeans. 😉
My mother’s look is basically jeans + black t-shirt + comfy heels.
There is nothing wrong with that look, it’s just not me and I feel ugly and boring wearing this…it’s not me. Must work on me in the fashion sense.

* Take care of my skin and drink lots of jamaican caipirinha water.
Also, sleep enough. The summer is coming and I don’t want to wear a make-up mask on my face just because I was unable to keep my skin in a good condition. Also, wearing make-up at hapkido trainings is not the best idea ever!

* Actually use the eyecream every morning and/or evening.
I have a good eyecream from Yves Rocher which is for puffy sensitive eyes and though I somewhat use it, I keep on forgetting. Most of the time I just slather a Sebamed cream all over my face, including my eyes and I’m done, which is silly, considering this good eyecream that’s catching dust here. So I’d better get used to using it, I’ll be doing it all my life anyway….but then it’ll be anti-wrinkle creams, wtf.

* Be the best me I can be.
This is not just a May goal obviously…this is my lifelong plan. 🙂

What are your May goals? 🙂
And do you know I’ve just WASTED a lot of time writing this, when I should have been doing number 2, “work persistently and fast on design tasks & projects”? ARGH!!!! Back to work nao, I have so much to do and so little time…

P.S.: Hopefully I can show you my Kitty posters tomorrow all done and finished. It’s not an easy task, I’ve doodled ideas all around everywhere but I am still quite not happy with the results. Hmpf…

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I’m working on a client project that involves KITTEHS!!! How cool is that? 🙂

My kitty-love in art & design is actually quite weird, because I am more a dog person in general. I’ve never had a cat, I don’t know much about cats and I currently can’t imagine owning a cat (although…an Exotic Shorthair…ohh…!)…and yet I keep on sewing cats, drawing cats, calling myself KITTEH Mia here and nao working on kittehs in Adobe Illustrator.

Ftw? I haz a weird!

And take a look:

*click to enlarge*

AWWW SO KYOOT!!! ^^ These are my scanned drawings imported and live-traced and live-painted in Illustrator CS4.
I am currently deleting random vector points and adjusting the right ones. After I finish this phase, I will start adding color and STUFF….lots of stuff. This must be a badass kitteh poster!!!! 😉

Back to work, kittehs sez hello.

*click to enlarge*

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No doodles today, today we will sew a super simple stuff that’s nice as a gift or as a aromatic thingy to your closets.

I am giving this to my boyfriend today as a simple 2nd anniversary gift. It’s no couture, but it’s handmade, which is special! 🙂

And voilàà!!

Very easy. Very aromatic and quite pretty, if you sew carefully (I am not sure this was my case though).

My next sewing quest is a SHIBA INU PLUSHY or a JACK RUSSELL PLUSHY but I need to buy good cloths first!


Credits to Nuno Life. *click*


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I have one A2 sized still life for sale…it’s drawn by Koh-I-Noor pastels and drawing the tulip was a painful process…don’t ask me why, I have no idea why it was so difficult for me to draw a tulip. -_-
But anyway, you all better BOUGHT this drawing ASAP!! 🙂 That will heal my soul and also fund my Tibetan Spaniel Puppy Account™..and of course, you will gain a nice drawing to your home.^^


Mám na predaj jedno zátišie veľkosti A2 kreslené pastelmi Koh-I-Noor! Kresba toho žltého tulipánu bola veľmi bolestivá….nepýtajte sa ma prečo, fakt neviem ČO je také náročné na kresbe jedného tulipánu. -_-
Ale tak či tak, radšej si niekto pekne KÚPTE túto kresbu a to čo najskôr! 😉 Nielenže mi tým vyliečite tulipánom utýranú dušu :D, ale aj prispejete na moju Zbierku Na Šteniatko Tibetského Španiela a ešte vám aj bude doma visieť pekná vec.

*click to enlarge/kliknite pre zväčšenie*

*click to enlarge/kliknite pre zväčšenie*

*click to enlarge/kliknite pre zväčšenie*

This still life is for sale for 45 Euro, which is a very fair price I think…considering the size! A2 papers are big and when framed they look even bigger. You can either e-mail me for my account details and tell me your address and so on…or register yourself at Sashe.sk and buy this painting from there…I have a seller’s profile there as. To use Sashe.sk, go HERE.


Toto zátišie je na predaj za 45 Euro, čo je podľa mňa veľmi prijateľná cena, vzhľadom na veľkosť kresby. A2 je veľký formát a po zarámovaní a zapaspartovaní je to ešte väčšie. Ak si chcete zátišie kúpiť, buď mi pošlite e-mail a tam už vyriešime číslo môjho účtu a vašu adresu a atď…alebo sa zaregistrujte na Sashe.sk a kúpte si kresbu cez nich, mám tam profil predajcu. Ak chcete použiť Sashe.sk, kliknite SEM.

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