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My furry friend Ferko and me are just SO TIRED of having to level up to people’s expectations about appearance, education, moods and everything! We want to announce this – THINK WHATEVER YOU WANT, WE DON’T CARE. WE ARE WE.

This way Ferko *will* be wearing his blue fur and curled up whiskers. He *will* be looking glum. He *will not* lose weight and he *will not* try to look badass.

In the same way, I *will* be wearing my lipsticks. I *will* be the girl with small boobs and I *will not* wear liquid-filled push-up monstrosities on my chest only to adhere to the horny trucker’s fantasy of huge breasts. I also *will* be studying further, either Ethnology, Psychology or Canine Studies…and it is because I *will not* ever be content with a mere HND Graphic Design.

And there are many things. Don’t let yourself be commanded on your anything. You are you and nobody else! STAY YOU!


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It was few weeks ago that I drew a beautiful Persian kitty Matilda for my Kris Atomic, my huge illustration inspiration. Today Matilda got its 15 minutes of fame, as Kris had tweeted about the drawing.

Thanks Kris! : ) And I am really glad you like my drawing, good feedback makes me happy… ^^

*Kitteh Mia*

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Great news for me! I have booked a Tibbie puppy recently, it will be born in circa 2 weeks…and sometime in June I am picking him (or her) up. ^^

Click here to read about Tibetan Spaniels.

Finally, MY OWN DOG! I am hoping I will be able to pay the adoption fee to the breeder in hard-earned money through my hopeful Graphic Design/Illustration career…if there is anything investment-worth for me, it is a TIBBIE. And diamond earrings. And a dress by DKNY. Ahem.*

Around the time I had booked my pup I also drew a Tibbie for my Norwegian friend that has a breeding station all the way in Norway. If you want to look it up, go *here*.

The dog I drew for her is Zorro, one of her award-winning playboys stallions (?) at Tibbehaugen Kennel…it is a truly beautiful Tibbie and my drawing doesn’t capture it in his real glory, because Tibbie-beauty is undescribable beauty! ; )

*click to enlarge*

This thin-pen-and-a-dash-of-pencils seems to be my signature drawing style. I can do acrylics, aquarells, anything…but I can’t help myself, I like the clean and slick look of the drawing when it’s drawn with a good quality thin pen (I WORSHIP Copics) and just the right amount of color.

Playboy Zorro is drawn on a simple office paper, buy I am buying an INSANE amount of brownish recycled paper sketchbooks this weeks because my most fave surface to draw on are cardboard-box-colored papers. The whites pop up beautifully, the drawing has a texture…it’s heaven. For me, at least anyway. : )

I have one more Tibbie drawing prepared, I will show it to you sometime next week! : )

*Kitteh Mia*

* In no way possible am I comparing dogs with material possessions like diamond earrings. Just saying that if there is anything worth saving up and (y)earning for…well, for me it’s a Tibbie puppy, diamond earrings and a dress by DKNY. : )

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*click to enlarge to a wallpaper size*

*click to enlarge to a wallpaper size*

Uncle Pablo is just SO right. He was the master doodler afterall!
Sensei Doodle-san! ; )

The images’ size is 1152 x 864…so you can use it as a wallpaper. If you are a nitpicker, you will notice the white boxes surrounding the copy not being totally precise. I has a sorreh – it was my *first attempt*, I ain’t changing it! ; )

Do you agree with uncle Pablo?
Or do you think uncle Henri was right?
And what do you think about this wallpaper I’ve created?

*Kitteh Mia*

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I know this is essentially a DOODLE blog, but I really had to post these photos I have taken today. The nature is just so beautiful…everything is waking up now, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, men are in mating season again, my freckles are appearing ^^ and the flowers are starting to bloom all around our forest. And as always, click on all images to enlarge.

How is spring in your place?

Kitteh Mia

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Yes, I know I am highly creative with my titles..hah..

Anyway, this is a random sketch I did when I was trying out my new aquarell pencils from Faber-Castell. They are AWESOME!

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I am posting this little aquarell doodle today when I couldn’t drag myself out of bed! Waking up was painful, really painful…sigh…I woke up somehow, but I’d still be rather doing this:

I envy you, little kitty…

Drawn with Faber-Castell aquarell pencils.

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