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Whaaaat…..I’ve actually REMEMBERED (okay, guessed) my password and I’ve logged into my blog after all this time! 🙂

So, nao I can actually resume blogging here again. I need to keep up my doodles! Soon I will make a post on what has changed in my life since 2011…..it’s been many things.

Just briefly:

  • I graduated from HND Graphic Design at Prague College
  • I broke up with my ex-boyfriend Michal after 2,5 years
  • I spent 2,5 weeks in Estonia and Finland last summer with my 2 friends 🙂
  • I bought a Tibetan Spaniel dog Colombo Gracia-In AKA Gimli
  • I’ve gotten to know a wonderful guy from Finland who’s my boyfriend 
  • I am MOVING to Finland this August because I’ve gotten a graphic design job in Helsinki! 🙂
  • I eat almost no dairy anymoar


Hmmm, many things, right? I shall elaborate them more later. Hello to all my readers, you are all awesome 🙂


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Noise & Korea


Yes, I use the word f*ck more than often when angry…

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*click to enlarge*

This is the finished vector illustration of the little baby…as you can see, I’ve used the head I showed you few days ago and finished up the body. The red fluffy thingy is an official mascot I designed for the client in the form of a blood cell/pluripotent stem cell (actually this is not a biologically correct mascot, but the client likes it anyway, though I have objections to it, because I’d want it to be *exact*…haha…graphic design OCD~).

This illustration is to be used on a CD cover and I’ve already sent concepts to the client, but I can’t show it to you yet, because it’s not finished yet and I’m waiting for the feedback and etc.

Tell me what you think! 🙂

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