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I know this is fashion and nothing doodly, but fashion is also art, isn’t it? 🙂 The Sartorialist went to Japan recently, snapped some photos and I fell in love with these four:

ABOVE: Sexy. ‘Nuff said…oh well, one more thing – I think I finally know what kind of glasses I want ^^

ABOVE: This guy (? I guess?) would look great drawn, because he is already looking almost like a cartoon! xD I might doodle him and show you. The clothes are demurely weird (is there such a thing?) and I am loving that draped black bedsheet dress he’s wearing. I want it as well! I would wear it with all my crazy bijoux that I am not wearing at all and they are catching dust in my room.

ABOVE: These guys are breathtakingly badass. I think these garments are called yukatas and they are BEAUTIFUL. I could imagine they hold black belts from akikido/kendo/karatedo and they quietly drink matcha every morning. I think I must draw them too in order to preserve their badassness forever!

ABOVE: The coolest married couple in teh universe. And I want her pants!!!


*click to enlarge and use as a wallpaper*


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I returned yesterday from a very good belly dance class where I’ve finally, FINALLY!!!! shimmied with ease…no pressure anywhere in my body, I was just doing a nice, relaxed shimmy…and it was a great feeling.
One of the steps leading to a “good belly dancer” was conquered, which is awesome. In order to avoid coding Out of sheer happiness I opened up Adobe Illustrator CS4 and drew a belly dancer!

It’s all RGB, vectors and I was using mostly the basic palette, the Skintones palette and few gradients.


Včera som sa vrátila z výbornej hodiny brušných tancov…a KONEČNE tam nastal okamih, keď som robila shimmy s úplnou ľahkosťou bez obvyklých pocitov tlaku a ťahu v rôznych častiach tela – tentoraz to bolo pekné, uvoľnené shimmy a s tým prišiel aj skvelý pocit zdolaného krôčiku k lepšiemu brušnému tancu. Keďže sa mi nechcelo kódovať Nuž a tak som si od samej radosti otvorila Adobe Illustrator CS4 a nakreslila brušnú tanečnicu!

Všetko je to RGB a používala som viac-menej len základnú paletu, paletu Skintones a pár gradientov.


*click to enlarge*

Click HERE to get to my Behance and appreciate my stuff. 😉
Kliknite SEM, dostanete sa na môj Behance a môžete mi dať “appreciate”.

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I am thinking about setting up this blog bilingual from now on. My native language is Slovak, so obviously I will be using that…what do you think? Not only my non-Slovak speaking readers will have an access to some weird language, but my non-English speakers, potential clients from Slovakia and my ability to speak my own language will be happeh. Ha!

So…you can look forward to my weirdly beautiful native language appearing here from today onwards 🙂

Drahí čitatelia, oddnes bude môj blog nielen v angličtine, ale aj v slovenčine!
Písanie v angličtine je síce veľká zábava, ale myslím si, že by bolo fajn vyjadrovať sa aj po slovensky, keď už som Slovenka, bývam v Bratislave a slovenčina je môj materinský jazyk 😉 Plus samozrejme, nie je na škodu, ak potenciálni klienti na Slovensku majú na mňa kontakt cez blog a tak… 🙂

Anglická časť bude vždy prvá, slovenská časť pôjde za ňou a odlíšená bude inou farbou písma. Tralalalala, šalalalala, ej bisťu ľaľa ajhľa potôčik i čučoriedie!

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*click to enlarge*

This is the finished vector illustration of the little baby…as you can see, I’ve used the head I showed you few days ago and finished up the body. The red fluffy thingy is an official mascot I designed for the client in the form of a blood cell/pluripotent stem cell (actually this is not a biologically correct mascot, but the client likes it anyway, though I have objections to it, because I’d want it to be *exact*…haha…graphic design OCD~).

This illustration is to be used on a CD cover and I’ve already sent concepts to the client, but I can’t show it to you yet, because it’s not finished yet and I’m waiting for the feedback and etc.

Tell me what you think! 🙂

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I am working on one client project right now and it involves little kids’ (or actually, babies) drawings. Take a look! 🙂

*click to enlarge*

It is still under construction but I am having fun drawing in Adobe Illustrator after quite a long time of drawing by hand. In any case, I should HURRY UP because the presentation is on Monday – I srsly don’t know what have I been doing, procrastinating so long! >_< Bad kitteh, very bad kitteh.

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I got tagged by Briony, so here we go, 25 random things about me:

1. I was born with ebony black hair and it stayed this way until I was 6 years old and we went to Italy…what can I say! First time in salty sea water + Italian sun = brown hair. SNIFF. T_T

2. Years ago, I was the messiest kid in the world with the least liking for water and washing up. Thank god, it had changed 😀 As a grown-up (well…err..) I seem to be the opposite of the little me, because I HATE the feeling of unwashed hair and I have to have stuff tidied up…which leads us to the next point –>

3. Certain OCD tendencies can be noticed at the author of this blog. My ex-roommie would nod in approval – I ALWAYS have shampoos and etc. in the bathroom in one neat row and my stationery is divided into four categories (black pens + CD markers, blue pens for writing, pencils, highlighters + markers) that I don’t mess up. Ever. xD

4. I love turquoise & white. I also love red, green, yellow, dark pink and black, but turquoise is my most fave color ever. My first real belly dance costume will surely be turquoise! Like this one.

5. One day I will buy myself brilliant earrings. Only studs, but still – brilliants & platinum/white gold pls kthxbai. ; )

6. My favourite magazines are National Geographic, GEO, Scientific American, Harper’s Bazaar, Yoga Journal, ELLE Decor, Dolce Vita (a Czech mag covering interior design, architecture, fashion..) and various Czech and Slovak mags about dogs and cats.

7. I often drink ayurvedic teas (like, right now actually!) and arrange my room according to the feng shui rules. I don’t know whether feng shui works or not, but I am more inclined towards thinking it DOES work..

8. My childhood career dreams included: a veterinarian, a professional horse-rider, a princess, a vulcanologist, a biologist, a crazy painter, a dog breeder, a ballerina, an aerobics instructor and a gardener.

Little Gardener by Karen Van Vleet (*click*)

9. Speaking of princesses, I’ve always liked Mulan the most. And Ariel and Bella.

But Mulan!!! I totally loved her long black hair, her black horse, the beautiful flowers she wore in her hair (before she changed into guyish warrior clothing that is) and the clothes she had. I also liked the red lipstick she was wearing and the fact that she was serving tea to her father in small cups.

10. Fine, I still like Mulan. ^^

11. I have little cards with Sri Chinmoy quotes scattered all around everywhere.

12. I had this amazingly strong obsession with Bae Yong Joon when I was watching Winter Sonata few years ago. I mean, OKAY!!! Many women were obsessed with him, but they were usually in their 50s…and then there was me. FML. For your info, this is how he looked in the Winter Sonata drama:

Man, what’s with the hair & the black eyebrows?! >_< But otherways….still a good stuff…I (still) LOVE his smile.
And I am noticing a weird thing now – my boyfriend looks quite similar, only he is not a Korean (I am thinking now if that’s good or bad…hahaha…).

13. Speaking about Korean, I love everything Korean.
I am only 1/4 Korean (sez teh DNA), but my mind is way more Korean.
I love Korean food. I love Korean dramas. I love Korean martial arts. I love Korean celadon. I love Korean fashion. I love Korean cosmetics. I love Korean fairy tales. I love Korean men. I love Korean mobile phones. I love Korean teas. I love the Korean language and I want to learn it, dammit!!!1!! >_< I love Korean hanboks (traditional clothing) and I totally want a doll like this, although I don’t need it at all:

From Korean-Arts.com

14. Still speaking about Korean, I’ve learnt to love my straight Korean eyelashes. Actually, they are not even straight…their tips are actually facing DOWN. -.-
I used to envy my friends for having amazingly long and curled up eyelashes but I am okay now. I’ve understood that it’s in fact IMPOSSIBLE to make my eyelashes look curled up unless I:

1) curl them up
2) apply Shiseido Mascara Base IMMIDIATELLY
let it dry
4) apply black mascara.

Too much work, you know? And not even the Shiseido Lasting Lift mascara could keep the curl up, so I gave up. 😛

15. I wear sunscreen all year around, at least on my face, because I like being ghostly white ivory.

16. I’ve never really liked cats but in the recent years I developed a silent love to Exotic Shorthairs and Birmans. I’ve almost booked an Exotic Shorthair kitten last year…


Ooohhh, so cute and with such a lovely squished face. I WILL adopt an Exotic Shorthair one day and call him Garfield. Tehehee.

17. Number 17 seems to be very important in my life. We live in block of flats numbered 17, I was born on March 17, my boyfriend was born on November 17, my best friend on October 17…and there are many more 17s happening in my life.

18. I’ve been to Starbucks a million times and I’ve never had COFFEE there. xD

19. I love beautiful lingerie, loungewear and pyjamas/nightgowns.

Mimi Bisou Bisou Noir set

For example the set above is like from my lingerie dreams…soft, lacy, luxurious, great fit, great cut…I WANT it. I have a similar turquoise (see #4) set from Intimissimi, but in black it’s just amazing.

It’s important to me to look good under clothes or even when reading a mag in the sofa on Sunday evening. Same goes for pyjamas and nightgowns, it is important to me that they look and feel good. I don’t need chiffon frills and satin trims (though I won’t object against!) but I can’t stand sleeping in old ugly t-shirts and your grandpa’s boxers. >_<

20. My all-time fav perfume is L’Eau par Kenzo pour Femme.

This is the official description: “Water is the source of all vitality. From Kenzo’s love of water sprang a fresh, aquatic scent, captured in a bottle with gentle curves escaping on a wave of serene beauty with a blend of cool mint, lotus flower and the sensual lingering of pink peppers. A timeless fragrance for all seasons.”

All I can say is…I LOVE IT. I am quite a perfume whore, switching stuff and trying out new scents all the time, but Kenzo’s L’Eau is staying. ^^

21. I love chillout music and always listen to ambient radios offered by iTunes. My fave ones are Powerstation Buddha, Limbik Frequencies, Mountain Chill and Ambient Popsicle…and I highly recommend them to you as well. 🙂

22. I love pin-ups and the style of the 30s and 40s….and feathered hair accessories…and red lipsticks…and tights with that black line mimicking the sewn line…and Dita von Teese.

23. Jamaican Caipirinha is the best cocktail in the world, and if you haven’t tried it yet, then I ORDER you to do so. I loooooooove it sooooo much! The rum used in it – Captain Morgan Spiced – is just delightful with the ice, soda, cane sugar and lime. Oh my, now I am salivating here. 😛

24. I am IN NEED OF MONEY!!! >_< But, I am sincerely hoping that my Pet Drawing Studio project will work well and not only I will get constant drawing practice, make pet owners happy with drawings but ALSO earn something.
Please, dear readers…spread the word around, I am sure many people will want to have their pets drawn. : )

25. I’d like to visit Iceland, Alaska, Norway, Kamchatka, Hokkaido, Korea, Tibet, Chile and Siberia one day. Aaahhh.

So, now you are full of random stuff about me! ; ) Happeh nao? I hope so. It was a nice time writing this when I am supposed to be working on 7579965 other things, but nao I really must get to them. I am tagging Justine, Nina, Janne, Grace and Gaby!

P.S. PET DRAWINGZ. Srsly. Don’t you want to have your Fluffy drawn by me? ^^ I know you want to!!!

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*click to enlarge*

*click to enlarge*

I CAN HAZ A NEW CANON PIXMA MP550!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By this I also want to say that REGULAR POSTING is starting NAO. I really, really apologise for the laziness, but I didn’t have a baby like this and I had hard time persuading my managerial busy madre for driving me to a shopping mall, buying the thing and then driving me back…I can’t possibly imagine dragging the huge box in a public transport, that could srsly kill me. -_-

ANYWAY, on the pictures above you can see Eddy, my most favorite & most loved dog EVER…he was a German Shepherd/Alaskan Malamute mix and he was the loveliest dog in the world…until some motherfucker poisoned him. I am not a violent person, but I could torture the person that did this, I really could…when it comes to cruelty to animals, Kitteh Mia knows no friends. GRRR.

I drew Eddy from an old photo of him that I’ve found:

First I tried it with a pencil, but you know what…pencils are not my friends. -_- It looked really hideous, Eddy would feel like an ugly dog if he saw my pencil drawing… So, while most people are very cautious when drawing with pen and ink and they prepare everything by fine pencil lines that give one an idea what is to be drawn where…well, I just took my Rotring ArtPen (I KNOW, REVIEW..FML; but I will do it) and just – DREW.

When drawing by pens with ink you have only one chance; it’s like the quote about calligraphy I’ve read few years ago: “In calligraphy, every brush stroke is definite. Once you make it, you can’t go back; it’s like in life where you can’t repeat anything you have done.”

DOODLE BUSINESS PS.: I am thinking about setting up a dog & cat drawing studio.

You would send me a photo of your lovely pet and I will draw him/her, most probably with my preferred media which is pen and pencils (the results can be like Eddy above). The prices will be around 25 Euro a piece, depending on the size (probably A5/A4..and one square size) and you will always get the original drawing from me, not some print. Framing will be optional, I can have it framed for you, but then it will be additional 10 Euro probably.

What do you guys think? : )
I am open to suggestions and drawing for you at this email address, so don’t wait a second and email me! : )

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