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One thing is for sure, I LOVE Marimekko…and I also love the kind of interviews they give to their designers. I thought maybe it’s time for a little self-reflection and you getting to know me better – so here it is, me interviewing myself the Marimekko style!

My greatest fashion icon:
Pin-ups & Stella McCartney. Quite a schizophrenic choice, I know.

The best fashion advice anyone ever gave me:
Wear whatever you feel like wearing!

The most important thing to remember when decorating a room:
Keep it airy & fun. Which is seriously an opposite of MY ROOM that is cluttered with shit stuff, there’s way too much furniture on such a small space, too many colors and really an unnecessary amount of clothes all around the place. Sigh. This is why I am dreaming about an airy, light, uncluttered and quietly whimsical room… 🙂

I work best when:
I’ve slept well, woke up early and have no worries or anxieties about anything (which is rare). Also, when I’m inspired by something…duh.

My most important mentor:
My grandma, maybe.

The word that best describes my design philosophy:
I’m still working on creating one actually…so far it’s “keep it fun and clean” but in this stage of my personal development the word could be GREENHORN. ;P

My first memory of Marimekko:
Seeing a Marimekko fatboy in an interior design shop few years ago. I still want one!

The shape I’m most fascinated with right now:
Mushrooms. Fish. Snowflakes.

Three things I can’t live without right now:
Ayurvedic teas, my cozy bed & eh…Wobenzym. O_o

Three things I couldn’t live without when I was a teenager:
Black nail polish, Bravo Girl xD & my diary.

I relax by:
Reading, listening to ambient music, yoga & doodling.

If I were not working as a designer, I would be:
A vet, a biologist or maybe a horse* farm owner.

When I travel I always take:
A passport, curious mind and a bottle of water!

Sketch by hand or click on computer?
I prefer hand…the shape is more fluent that way and I feel more comfy doodling by hand.

The smell that reminds me of childhood:
Wet doggy fur of our Westie Glenn.

My favourite escape:
The forest. And travel books…I’m just reading one about a visit to Scandinavia, Scotland & Iceland. ^^

The colour that means comfort to me:
Warm green & creamy white.

The colour that means courage to me:
Red, black and dark blue.

Human ability to hurt & kill for no reason terrifies me.

A bouquet of colorful flowers and a handwritten note make a great gift to me. ^^

The best Sunday morning music:
Royksopp & Tori Amos.

My first job ever:
A stable cleaner & helper – this was an unpaid job. As for the paid one, it was a hostess job.


* I went horseriding yesterday after 7 years and I’m hooked again. OMG!!! You can expect many horsey doodles in the future… I’m going horseriding again on Nov 30th, maybe I’ll be even galloping this time…YEAH BABY.

Iceland horses with their happy riders in a beautifully snowy Finland. I'm envious!


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I am not Dead!

I was just…out of doodling. 😦

But you know what, I have new stuff lined up, so I will show it off to you soon! 🙂 This weekend, I promise!

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Teh May Goals

I’ve used to keep writing (and then forgetting) monthly goals but somehow I’ve stopped…it’s about time I get back to it. These are my goals/plans/wishes for May 2010!:

* Wake up early (8am at the latest) and do a yoga stretch.
Surya Namaskar
(Sun Salutation) 5x and I’m beautifully stretched & energized!

* Work persistently and fast on design tasks and projects.
No slacking around. No “fun first, work later”. UGH!

* Keep my room tidy and clean.
I am quite a tidy person, but I often have my table swamped with stuff and clothes all over my bed and it’s srsly unsightly. Plus it’s bad feng shui!

* Try to wear more stylish clothes.
I put all my ugly old cotton t-shirts I am tired of to a paper box and labeled it “t-shirts for free time” which basically means – for when I’m going to take a walk to the forest with my man & his dog. THERE I can look whatever. But with so many nice clothes it’s a crime to wear that shit out…plus I am just SO TIRED of them… @_@

* Work on MY style and MY fashion sense.
I feel that I am strongly influenced by my mother’s style and idea on fashion, which is basically “let it have a great cut, be comfortable, bland, stretchable and not too colorful”. And also, “no skirts & dresses please”. They are apparently not ENOUGH comfy? Anyhoo. Considering that I am myself and nobody else, I have to step out of this bland nonsense and wear more what *I* really feel is me. Which is mostly tailored skirts, colorful tops, dresses and my fav grey leopard print jeans. 😉
My mother’s look is basically jeans + black t-shirt + comfy heels.
There is nothing wrong with that look, it’s just not me and I feel ugly and boring wearing this…it’s not me. Must work on me in the fashion sense.

* Take care of my skin and drink lots of jamaican caipirinha water.
Also, sleep enough. The summer is coming and I don’t want to wear a make-up mask on my face just because I was unable to keep my skin in a good condition. Also, wearing make-up at hapkido trainings is not the best idea ever!

* Actually use the eyecream every morning and/or evening.
I have a good eyecream from Yves Rocher which is for puffy sensitive eyes and though I somewhat use it, I keep on forgetting. Most of the time I just slather a Sebamed cream all over my face, including my eyes and I’m done, which is silly, considering this good eyecream that’s catching dust here. So I’d better get used to using it, I’ll be doing it all my life anyway….but then it’ll be anti-wrinkle creams, wtf.

* Be the best me I can be.
This is not just a May goal obviously…this is my lifelong plan. 🙂

What are your May goals? 🙂
And do you know I’ve just WASTED a lot of time writing this, when I should have been doing number 2, “work persistently and fast on design tasks & projects”? ARGH!!!! Back to work nao, I have so much to do and so little time…

P.S.: Hopefully I can show you my Kitty posters tomorrow all done and finished. It’s not an easy task, I’ve doodled ideas all around everywhere but I am still quite not happy with the results. Hmpf…

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I am thinking about setting up this blog bilingual from now on. My native language is Slovak, so obviously I will be using that…what do you think? Not only my non-Slovak speaking readers will have an access to some weird language, but my non-English speakers, potential clients from Slovakia and my ability to speak my own language will be happeh. Ha!

So…you can look forward to my weirdly beautiful native language appearing here from today onwards 🙂

Drahí čitatelia, oddnes bude môj blog nielen v angličtine, ale aj v slovenčine!
Písanie v angličtine je síce veľká zábava, ale myslím si, že by bolo fajn vyjadrovať sa aj po slovensky, keď už som Slovenka, bývam v Bratislave a slovenčina je môj materinský jazyk 😉 Plus samozrejme, nie je na škodu, ak potenciálni klienti na Slovensku majú na mňa kontakt cez blog a tak… 🙂

Anglická časť bude vždy prvá, slovenská časť pôjde za ňou a odlíšená bude inou farbou písma. Tralalalala, šalalalala, ej bisťu ľaľa ajhľa potôčik i čučoriedie!

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I got tagged by Briony, so here we go, 25 random things about me:

1. I was born with ebony black hair and it stayed this way until I was 6 years old and we went to Italy…what can I say! First time in salty sea water + Italian sun = brown hair. SNIFF. T_T

2. Years ago, I was the messiest kid in the world with the least liking for water and washing up. Thank god, it had changed 😀 As a grown-up (well…err..) I seem to be the opposite of the little me, because I HATE the feeling of unwashed hair and I have to have stuff tidied up…which leads us to the next point –>

3. Certain OCD tendencies can be noticed at the author of this blog. My ex-roommie would nod in approval – I ALWAYS have shampoos and etc. in the bathroom in one neat row and my stationery is divided into four categories (black pens + CD markers, blue pens for writing, pencils, highlighters + markers) that I don’t mess up. Ever. xD

4. I love turquoise & white. I also love red, green, yellow, dark pink and black, but turquoise is my most fave color ever. My first real belly dance costume will surely be turquoise! Like this one.

5. One day I will buy myself brilliant earrings. Only studs, but still – brilliants & platinum/white gold pls kthxbai. ; )

6. My favourite magazines are National Geographic, GEO, Scientific American, Harper’s Bazaar, Yoga Journal, ELLE Decor, Dolce Vita (a Czech mag covering interior design, architecture, fashion..) and various Czech and Slovak mags about dogs and cats.

7. I often drink ayurvedic teas (like, right now actually!) and arrange my room according to the feng shui rules. I don’t know whether feng shui works or not, but I am more inclined towards thinking it DOES work..

8. My childhood career dreams included: a veterinarian, a professional horse-rider, a princess, a vulcanologist, a biologist, a crazy painter, a dog breeder, a ballerina, an aerobics instructor and a gardener.

Little Gardener by Karen Van Vleet (*click*)

9. Speaking of princesses, I’ve always liked Mulan the most. And Ariel and Bella.

But Mulan!!! I totally loved her long black hair, her black horse, the beautiful flowers she wore in her hair (before she changed into guyish warrior clothing that is) and the clothes she had. I also liked the red lipstick she was wearing and the fact that she was serving tea to her father in small cups.

10. Fine, I still like Mulan. ^^

11. I have little cards with Sri Chinmoy quotes scattered all around everywhere.

12. I had this amazingly strong obsession with Bae Yong Joon when I was watching Winter Sonata few years ago. I mean, OKAY!!! Many women were obsessed with him, but they were usually in their 50s…and then there was me. FML. For your info, this is how he looked in the Winter Sonata drama:

Man, what’s with the hair & the black eyebrows?! >_< But otherways….still a good stuff…I (still) LOVE his smile.
And I am noticing a weird thing now – my boyfriend looks quite similar, only he is not a Korean (I am thinking now if that’s good or bad…hahaha…).

13. Speaking about Korean, I love everything Korean.
I am only 1/4 Korean (sez teh DNA), but my mind is way more Korean.
I love Korean food. I love Korean dramas. I love Korean martial arts. I love Korean celadon. I love Korean fashion. I love Korean cosmetics. I love Korean fairy tales. I love Korean men. I love Korean mobile phones. I love Korean teas. I love the Korean language and I want to learn it, dammit!!!1!! >_< I love Korean hanboks (traditional clothing) and I totally want a doll like this, although I don’t need it at all:

From Korean-Arts.com

14. Still speaking about Korean, I’ve learnt to love my straight Korean eyelashes. Actually, they are not even straight…their tips are actually facing DOWN. -.-
I used to envy my friends for having amazingly long and curled up eyelashes but I am okay now. I’ve understood that it’s in fact IMPOSSIBLE to make my eyelashes look curled up unless I:

1) curl them up
2) apply Shiseido Mascara Base IMMIDIATELLY
let it dry
4) apply black mascara.

Too much work, you know? And not even the Shiseido Lasting Lift mascara could keep the curl up, so I gave up. 😛

15. I wear sunscreen all year around, at least on my face, because I like being ghostly white ivory.

16. I’ve never really liked cats but in the recent years I developed a silent love to Exotic Shorthairs and Birmans. I’ve almost booked an Exotic Shorthair kitten last year…


Ooohhh, so cute and with such a lovely squished face. I WILL adopt an Exotic Shorthair one day and call him Garfield. Tehehee.

17. Number 17 seems to be very important in my life. We live in block of flats numbered 17, I was born on March 17, my boyfriend was born on November 17, my best friend on October 17…and there are many more 17s happening in my life.

18. I’ve been to Starbucks a million times and I’ve never had COFFEE there. xD

19. I love beautiful lingerie, loungewear and pyjamas/nightgowns.

Mimi Bisou Bisou Noir set

For example the set above is like from my lingerie dreams…soft, lacy, luxurious, great fit, great cut…I WANT it. I have a similar turquoise (see #4) set from Intimissimi, but in black it’s just amazing.

It’s important to me to look good under clothes or even when reading a mag in the sofa on Sunday evening. Same goes for pyjamas and nightgowns, it is important to me that they look and feel good. I don’t need chiffon frills and satin trims (though I won’t object against!) but I can’t stand sleeping in old ugly t-shirts and your grandpa’s boxers. >_<

20. My all-time fav perfume is L’Eau par Kenzo pour Femme.

This is the official description: “Water is the source of all vitality. From Kenzo’s love of water sprang a fresh, aquatic scent, captured in a bottle with gentle curves escaping on a wave of serene beauty with a blend of cool mint, lotus flower and the sensual lingering of pink peppers. A timeless fragrance for all seasons.”

All I can say is…I LOVE IT. I am quite a perfume whore, switching stuff and trying out new scents all the time, but Kenzo’s L’Eau is staying. ^^

21. I love chillout music and always listen to ambient radios offered by iTunes. My fave ones are Powerstation Buddha, Limbik Frequencies, Mountain Chill and Ambient Popsicle…and I highly recommend them to you as well. 🙂

22. I love pin-ups and the style of the 30s and 40s….and feathered hair accessories…and red lipsticks…and tights with that black line mimicking the sewn line…and Dita von Teese.

23. Jamaican Caipirinha is the best cocktail in the world, and if you haven’t tried it yet, then I ORDER you to do so. I loooooooove it sooooo much! The rum used in it – Captain Morgan Spiced – is just delightful with the ice, soda, cane sugar and lime. Oh my, now I am salivating here. 😛

24. I am IN NEED OF MONEY!!! >_< But, I am sincerely hoping that my Pet Drawing Studio project will work well and not only I will get constant drawing practice, make pet owners happy with drawings but ALSO earn something.
Please, dear readers…spread the word around, I am sure many people will want to have their pets drawn. : )

25. I’d like to visit Iceland, Alaska, Norway, Kamchatka, Hokkaido, Korea, Tibet, Chile and Siberia one day. Aaahhh.

So, now you are full of random stuff about me! ; ) Happeh nao? I hope so. It was a nice time writing this when I am supposed to be working on 7579965 other things, but nao I really must get to them. I am tagging Justine, Nina, Janne, Grace and Gaby!

P.S. PET DRAWINGZ. Srsly. Don’t you want to have your Fluffy drawn by me? ^^ I know you want to!!!

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This is a chronic condition and like any substance addiction, it brings the patient pleasurable feelings (if the dose of substance is set right) and withdrawal syndromes when addiction isn’t fulfilled.

Doodleholism in particular makes one doodle on anything, with anything, anytime and at any occassions.

My case included doodling on the grammar school entrance exams; the teachers didn’t want to admit me in, because they thought my doodles were a pictorial sign for some friendly teacher that will *adjust* my results. I was a lost doodleholic case years ago.

This condition is rarely curable so once you are a doodleholic, you either doodle or……you doodle. ^.~

Like me! Let’s start! ^^

Above: Doodled yesterday instead of editing the bibliography in my thesis. Ahem. Anyway, whatever this creature is, I want it as my pet!

Above: I really need spring…or at least some beautiful bouquet of flowers *hintboyfriendhint*… ^^

Above: Femme fatale or a nymph?

Come back tomorrow for moar more doodles by Kitteh Mia! ^__^

Kitteh Mia

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