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I can’t help it, I just love drawing animals, especially if they’re fluffy and beautiful:

The original Peke photo was this one. As always, click to enlarge the drawing! And I apologize for the watermarks, but it’s kind of necessary. If you’d like me to draw your pet, kindly prepare 15 Euro for an A5 drawing and just contact me at michaela [dot] istokova [at] yahoo [dot] com, I’ll get back to you right away! 🙂 The shipping is paid by me, so no worries.


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Flowers All The Way

It seems I love drawing & painting flowers, especially those in various RED, BURGUNDY, VIOLET, PINK & MAGENTA hues:

This is a study of flowers I recently bought in Tesco… I think it’s so kitschy!!! Gosh. Add a golden frame and some rosey wallpaper and it’ll be awesome xD

A very wrinkly random peony painting. Yes, there are tiny people there…I was imagining I am living among peony flowers when painting this little colorful fun 😛


I promise myself I will post more!!!

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