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Flowers All The Way

It seems I love drawing & painting flowers, especially those in various RED, BURGUNDY, VIOLET, PINK & MAGENTA hues:

This is a study of flowers I recently bought in Tesco… I think it’s so kitschy!!! Gosh. Add a golden frame and some rosey wallpaper and it’ll be awesome xD

A very wrinkly random peony painting. Yes, there are tiny people there…I was imagining I am living among peony flowers when painting this little colorful fun 😛


I promise myself I will post more!!!


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I have one A2 sized still life for sale…it’s drawn by Koh-I-Noor pastels and drawing the tulip was a painful process…don’t ask me why, I have no idea why it was so difficult for me to draw a tulip. -_-
But anyway, you all better BOUGHT this drawing ASAP!! 🙂 That will heal my soul and also fund my Tibetan Spaniel Puppy Account™..and of course, you will gain a nice drawing to your home.^^


Mám na predaj jedno zátišie veľkosti A2 kreslené pastelmi Koh-I-Noor! Kresba toho žltého tulipánu bola veľmi bolestivá….nepýtajte sa ma prečo, fakt neviem ČO je také náročné na kresbe jedného tulipánu. -_-
Ale tak či tak, radšej si niekto pekne KÚPTE túto kresbu a to čo najskôr! 😉 Nielenže mi tým vyliečite tulipánom utýranú dušu :D, ale aj prispejete na moju Zbierku Na Šteniatko Tibetského Španiela a ešte vám aj bude doma visieť pekná vec.

*click to enlarge/kliknite pre zväčšenie*

*click to enlarge/kliknite pre zväčšenie*

*click to enlarge/kliknite pre zväčšenie*

This still life is for sale for 45 Euro, which is a very fair price I think…considering the size! A2 papers are big and when framed they look even bigger. You can either e-mail me for my account details and tell me your address and so on…or register yourself at Sashe.sk and buy this painting from there…I have a seller’s profile there as. To use Sashe.sk, go HERE.


Toto zátišie je na predaj za 45 Euro, čo je podľa mňa veľmi prijateľná cena, vzhľadom na veľkosť kresby. A2 je veľký formát a po zarámovaní a zapaspartovaní je to ešte väčšie. Ak si chcete zátišie kúpiť, buď mi pošlite e-mail a tam už vyriešime číslo môjho účtu a vašu adresu a atď…alebo sa zaregistrujte na Sashe.sk a kúpte si kresbu cez nich, mám tam profil predajcu. Ak chcete použiť Sashe.sk, kliknite SEM.

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This is a chronic condition and like any substance addiction, it brings the patient pleasurable feelings (if the dose of substance is set right) and withdrawal syndromes when addiction isn’t fulfilled.

Doodleholism in particular makes one doodle on anything, with anything, anytime and at any occassions.

My case included doodling on the grammar school entrance exams; the teachers didn’t want to admit me in, because they thought my doodles were a pictorial sign for some friendly teacher that will *adjust* my results. I was a lost doodleholic case years ago.

This condition is rarely curable so once you are a doodleholic, you either doodle or……you doodle. ^.~

Like me! Let’s start! ^^

Above: Doodled yesterday instead of editing the bibliography in my thesis. Ahem. Anyway, whatever this creature is, I want it as my pet!

Above: I really need spring…or at least some beautiful bouquet of flowers *hintboyfriendhint*… ^^

Above: Femme fatale or a nymph?

Come back tomorrow for moar more doodles by Kitteh Mia! ^__^

Kitteh Mia

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